What is HAI?

The human awareness Institute (HAI) was established in 1968 by Dr. Stan Dale. He created the workshop series called “love, intimacy and sexuality” in order to help people enjoy and maintain successful, loving relationships based on honesty and integrity.

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The Facilitator Team

HAI Facilitators are extraordinary workshop leaders, combing expertise in psychology, philosophy, spirituality and the human condition. At each weekend workshop there will be a team of one woman and one man facilitating, creating a safe and supportive environment for every participant, encouraging all participants to make the best choices for their own growth.

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Who are HAI workshops for?

HAI is open to humans of all convictions and religions. The common goal is to meet others as well as ourselves with love, reverence, respect and honesty. HAI is suitable for anyone who is curious about themselves and about meeting others.

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What happens at a HAI workshop?

A HAI workshop offers exercises that are normally done in pairs or in small groups. These exercises are meant as invitations; each and every participant decides at all times whether they want to join in or not and how deeply they want to immerse themselves into an exercise. We don’t know what is right and appropriate at each moment for you personally but we want to support you to find out for yourself.

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The Venue

The workshop venue is a seminar centre on the outskirts of Schoeppingen, west of Muenster (Westphalia) and near the Dutch border. It is a beautifully restored, listed old farm house with a lovely garden. Under caring management, it has been home to HAI workshops in Germany for many years.

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At this moment in time, during the Corona crisis, where all our workshop events are being cancelled, we would be especially glad about donations.

This way we could finance the most basic functions of our association, until we can resume with the regular workshop program.

And it is a lovely way to say THANK YOU to the presenters and to the team of the Online Rooms of Love, for their loving work.

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