peter-sandhillPeter Sandhill
Peter Sandhill facilitates the creation of compassion and love from a place that balances the feminine and masculine. People say they feel safe to really be themselves with Peter at workshops and in his coaching practice. Peter has lived in Australia, Japan, India (briefly) and the USA. He has a Masters Degree in International Management and has led the HAI workshops since 1996. Peter has been involved in the men’s movement since his early twenties, having run his popular men’s workshops and support groups for men since the early 1990′s. With the love of his life Sarah, he supports couples to deepen their love and bond through a series of processes that establish daily connection and relationship transformation. Peter is working on his first book, Staying in Love Through a Crisis. Peter is a lover of life.


anne-wattsAnne Watts
Anne Watts is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Educator, Mediator and Counsellor, specializing in self-esteem, couples and family dynamics, sexual abuse and healing the inner child. In 1983, Anne participated in workshops offered by the The Human Awareness Institute, founded by Dr Stan Dale. There she experienced transformation occurring on a deep and practical level in all areas of participants’ lives; they opened their hearts to themselves and others through the magical healing power of love. She soon realized she found the vehicle to manifest her life commitment, and trained to be a workshop facilitator. Since 1985, she has facilitated hundreds of workshops in the U.S., Australia, Japan and England and Germany.


felicia-williamsDr. Felicia Williams
Dr Felicia Williams Cosey, has more than twenty years’ experience helping people develop strong, supportive, lovingly effective relationships. She guides individuals to find, build and live their unique lifework dream. She helps couples gain skills to fuel their love while resolving issues. As a consultant specializing in Organisational Change Management, Felicia also aids business organisations in developing people-systems that match their long-term strategic goals. She loves assisting people in their personal growth, especially in dealing with issues of life transitions, relationship challenges, career change, overcoming childhood traumas, and developing self-love and personal power.


jason-westonJason Weston
Jason Weston has been practicing HAI principles in his own life for more than 35 years. He was trained at the Process Therapy Institute, holds a degree in philosophy from the University of California, Berkeley and is an internationally acclaimed fine art photographer. He loves to assist individuals and couples in creating for themselves the lives they really want by guiding them to see and express their own beauty, power and love. Jason is the Executive Director of HAI Global, and is passionate about creating a world where everyone wins.


sarah-sandhillSarah Sandhill
Sarah Sandhill is a lover of all people. She is naturally compassionate, kind and caring and brings this to her workshop facilitation. She has been leading HAI workshops since 1995 and has created the safety for men and women to dive into growth in the areas of love, emotional intimacy, spirituality and sexuality. Her passion is working with women to shed their shame around sexuality and blossom into their sexual aliveness and to step into and expand their awareness of self. Sarah is very open about her life and her history and women feel very comfortable and supported by her. She leads a women’s workshop called All About Sex for Women. Her training has been in Process Therapy and with this skill she is able to assist women & men in trusting the change they wish to step into. She is a powerful leader and combines this with a lovely sense of humour. She has three children and 5 grandchildren and a magnificent relationship with her husband Peter, who also leads HAI workshops.


peter-rengelPeter Rengel
Peter Rengel, is a “Heart Meditation” Teacher and a Spiritual Counsellor who specialises in assisting individuals and couples to experience more love in their lives and to transcend psychology in order to live in harmony with Life’s spiritual rhythm. Peter began facilitating the Love, Intimacy & Sexuality workshops in 1989. He is the author of two heart-opening books, Seeds of Light and Living Life in Love. Peter also leads his own meditation retreats, workshops, and classes – “Spiritual Awakening,” “Yes!” ”Living Life in Love,” and “Opening to Intimacy” (a couples’ class taught with his wife, Donna, who he has been with since 1985). His greatest spiritual teacher has been his son, Kavi.

donna-spitzer-rengelDonna Spitzer Rengel
Donna Spitzer Rengel brings clarity, compassion and insight to the workshops she facilitates. Donna’s background is in somatics and movement arts, as a holistic Lomi Body/Mind practitioner. Her expertise in communications assists individuals and couples to create healthy, loving relationships. She is passionate about her most current venture, her workshop for Women on Expression, Movement and Connection. When Donna met Peter Rengel in 1985, she found the partner with whom she would happily explore love, communication and service for this lifetime. Together they became involved with the Human Awareness Institute (HAI), and a few years later Donna joined her husband on staff as a facilitator of the Love, Intimacy & Sexuality workshops. She has over twenty years of experience with The Human Awareness Institute.



Marci Graham
Marci Graham is uniquely and simultaneously soft and fierce in her compassion for human beings. Her own history has given her a doorway into understanding the need for radical truth-telling and expressing one’s own boundaries and power. She has a 25 year history of soul searching and personal transformation through movement, painting, writing, sculpting and bodywork. She immersed herself in HAI beginning in 2000, quickly incorporating the mission of HAI into her deep knowledge of self. Marci creates and leads year-long intensive programs for deepening and identifying one’s soul purpose. She is a former yoga instructor, and has co-led Nature Moving Women retreats in Mexico and Hawaii. Her fierce desire is for people to know and love themselves enough to awaken to their magnificence, and in so doing to love our planet back to health. Learn more about Marci at