Our annual Hand–on-Heart couples workshop will take place from 30 October through 1 November 2015!
For 4 years we’ve offered this special workshop for couples in addition to our regular HAI workshop series. Although our regular workshops continue to be a greatly enriching and inspiring experience for couples, we’ve nevertheless noted the need for a special weekend just for couples.
A recurrent theme in many long-term relationships is the question of how to maintain and renew love- again and again and again, every day. There are so many factors that can make that difficult: work, the daily grind, lack of time, our children’s needs, and changing modern life circumstances. It’s important not to take love for granted or self-evident, but rather as something precious to be continuously nurtured and maintained every day, every moment.
Experienced couples therapists Anke Flessner and Ulrich Stöveken lead this important workshop. More information can be found on the following flyer:

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